Here at CMS, spirituality is the foundation of education. We believe that unless a student develops spiritually, he or she will not be able to fully embrace moral values and/or certain principles such purity and service. Thus, our main objective, which goes beyond equipping our student to reach their academic goals, is to establish an environment that is conducive to having a genuine relationship with Jesus and where students can be inspired to serve others.


We believe in the power of prayer! Every teacher starts class with prayer. In fact, our faculty meets every morning before school starts in order to meditate, worship, and pray. We hope that this serves as an example for our students to incorporate prayer into the fabric of their lives.


We provide a space and time for our school family to worship collectively. Every Friday, our students gather together during our chapel program to receive moral and spiritual guidance. Additionally, this represents an opportunity to attend to the hearts of our students as they learn more about our wonderful and loving God. 

Week of prayer

We host two weeks of spiritual emphasis per year, one each semester. Our students get an opportunity to meet every day during these weeks to participate in a worship program that is specifically geared for their spiritual needs. During these weeks they get an opportunity to meditate and recharge their spiritual batteries by reconnecting with God.


Our students have the opportunity to connect with God and nature through various camps that exists for the different levels (elementary, middle school, and high school). Our students have an opportunity to meet up with students from other schools in Southeastern California Conference at our various Bible Camps. Additionally, we have a spiritual retreat for our high school students at the beginning of the school year. These camps represent a wonderful opportunity for social and spiritual growth as students interact with each other.

Bible classes

Bible class is a very important part of our K-12 curriculum. Our students are exposed to biblical history, theology, and the practical application of spiritual principles. This is also an attempt to carry out our mission as part of the ministry of education of the Seventh-day AdventistChurch to share the good news with the world.
We believe and await the second coming of Jesus. Thus, we are completely committed to having an impact in our community. We acknowledge and follow Jesus’ example of loving our neighbor regardless of his or her personal believes.